Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Super Dungeon Explore - Caverns of RoXoR


We got to play some SDE on Sunday. Man the new set is really fun, because its new and different, also also, not having to assemble all the miniatures is much less stressful. It will be a little more difficult to paint them, but I think we'll be...O.K.

We played just a quick 2 player game (Sean & I), with one Consul (Ian). Sean played the Star Guild Sapper , I played the Deeproot Scout. Ian ran the Fireflow  minions. A very nice change from the kobolds. I mean the kobolds are fun and all, but it got a bit boring after a year playing against the same guys. New challenges awaited the 2 adventurers.

The intrepid adventures enter the delve!

First assault. 


They just keep coming!

Awww, I just put those guys out... /sadface

Let's try a pre-frontal lobot...errr...assault.


The Deeproot Scout sets up to fire off his relic
Aftermath of the relic, destroyed node, and popped gels.

Rockgut attacks!

The Star Guild Sapper strikes down Rockgut the Fire Troll, one round later the second node and the Fire beetle were dead. (However, we realized afterward, that Ian forgot the Tough attribute for Rockgut, and the White Armor 2 of the Fire Beetle...oh well, we'll know for next delve.)

Also, amazing sunset!