Monday, January 28, 2013

Resource - RPG Sheets

While I was working on the games I'm running in 2 weeks, I was looking for Judge Dredd Character sheets, and I stumbled upon

From 2300AD to Wraith the Oblivion, if you're looking for a character sheet, this place might just have it...though the only Judge Dredd sheets they had were d20, but hey no big deal, this is a HUGE resource to have. I already added it to my bookmarks.

Obviously with 2 weeks to roll til go time, I'm a bit busy doing every thing left and right, looking forward to hearing some feedback on Unleashed. Been working on the character sheets at work in AutoCAD, right now I'm thinking of dropping feats since I have heroic aspects which are more broad, so I might run both that weekend, we'll have to see.

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