Friday, January 11, 2013

RPG Superstar Round 2 thoughts

After having voted for nearly two weeks, and seeing probably 85-90% of the items, I'm setting my sights on round 2, hoping that my item makes it to round 2. After six years of submitting, learning, and trying my best to submit quality, balanced material, I might have done it.

Round 2 is the archetype round. Designing an archetype is tricky without being for a contest, making sure to balance powers, writing descriptions, etc, all while trying to not step on the toes of other classes. Then again archetypes are about specific types of archetypal ideals. While a Buccaneer (Fighter) is similar in theme to a Buccaneer (Rogue) the execution of said archetypes is a thin line. Dropping the heavy and medium armors for the fighter to get several skills on their class list is more balanced than giving them a full sneak attack progression.

Now the curveball. Paizo (in support of the MMO, I'm guessing), is having the archetypes be River Kingdom archetypes for this contest. Which made me throw out my initial idea for an Akiton Warrior...oh well. I'm running through several ideas now.

If you're a contestant, good luck, and I hope you make Top32!

Edit: Now that the contest is over, and Clark has posted the Top89, I realize my item was not public friendly, I'll post in the Critique thread to see what the Judges themselves would have thought of my item had they actually had a chance to look at it....which since my item wasn't in the positive voting sphere, makes me wonder about the contest as a whole, with items like Door Chalk making top89.