Thursday, January 3, 2013

Kickstarter Update - FATE CORE & SINBAD

OK, it's the new year, I haven't updated the Kickstarters for awhile now. So without further ado.

Legends of Sinbad Kickstarter could use some more help. It's funded, 10 days remain to hit those stretch goals. $57 to get 20 monsters added to the bestiary, that triples what's in the book to begin with. Inspired by the old Ray Harryhausen movie, Gamesmiths are providing a book with complete rules for Savage Worlds, no need to own Deluxe edition or Deluxe explorer's edition. Explorer's edition. This should provide a Fast, Fun & Furious adventure!

The Legends of Sinbad Roleplaying Game provides you with several campaign and adventure ideas, dozens of new magical treasures and thrilling monsters, fully fleshed-out NPCs and organizations to serve as reoccurring antagonists, a map and information on the kingdoms and empires of the Seven Seas, as well as mysterious locations such as the City of Brass, the lost island of Lemuria, and the Fountain of Destiny!

Grab your astrolabe, sharpen your scimitar, and set sail for the Seven Seas in The Legends of Sinbad!


Fate Core Kickstarter pushes to $200,000...

As the kickstarter for one of my favorite systems out there pushes past the halfway mark for completion, 26 days remain, and lots of Stretch Goals remain as well. Check this out: Look at how much you get for $10!!! PDFs galore, enough to run FATE in nearly every genre.

Fate Accelerated is the Basic Core system, without so many examples, kind of a cool goal, especially useful to get kids into the system.

Then at $235,000 DO: Fate of the Flying Temple, a FATE Accelerated product.

Adapting the setting of Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple to the Fate Accelerated Edition, this unlockable goal will feature tiny worlds, big hearts, young heroes, a lost temple, and trainable dragons. The PDF will be made available to all backers at $10 and up if funded.