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Kickstarter - Interface Zero 2.0 (Savage Worlds)

If you read this blog, or have checked out our top 5 lists, you should already know that Interface Zero is my favorite setting. Cyberpunk has been one of my favorites since I first saw Shadowrun back in high school. 
It was complex, and that was good when I was younger, but with age, comes less time to do other things, that's why when I found Savage Worlds I instantly loved it, it's simple, cheap and of course, it's "Fast, Fun and Furious". Enter Interface Zero...amazing, Gun Metal Games definitely is looking forward to the future, and extrapolating what the future will possibly be. Now, GMG is back updating the original SWIZ, with a second edition. Updated to the new Savage Worlds Deluxe rulesystem, and more...keep reading...

Here's the link for the Kickstarter   INTERFACE ZERO 2.0

Here's part of the KS info:

Some of you might be new to this part of the sprawl, and you're probably wondering, "What is Interface Zero anyhow?"
Good question my friend.
Like it says in the short description at the top, IZ (that's short for Interface Zero) is a sci-fi/cyberpunk game set on Earth in the year 2090. Interface Zero is powered by Pinnacle Entertainment's Savage Worlds Deluxe System.
In this dark and grimy world of corrupt, power-mad government, greedy megacorporations and fringe science-gone-wild, you play ronin: rogue street operatives who make their living doing the things nobody else can, or will, do. You have no master, no loyalties beyond your bank balance, tomo. Your only friends are those of convenience. Your tools of the trade are computer code, high-powered weapons, combat drones, cybernetic augmentations, mental powers and maybe even a little bit of luck.
In 2090, the line between human and non-human has blurred to the point where the word "human" is little more than an abstract concept. 
Fully-sapient androids walk the streets alongside vat-grown simulated bio-forms. These bio-forms are known as simulacra, or "sims" for short. The science of hybridization allows anyone with enough cash or credit to splice her DNA with anything from a beetle to a rhino. The human genome has been hacked, kouyuu, rewritten to suit the latest fashion trends.
So, which face are you going to put on before you go out tonight?
The internet of 2090, more commonly known  as "The Deep," is a vast ethereal matrix of interconnected cloud networks that we access via a cybernetic implant known as the Tendril Access Processor, or TAP for short. The TAP is a wireless modem for your brain, providing constant access to the hyper-real world around you. Of course, that constant access has a downside, tomo.
People can use your TAP against you and hack your brain. They'll steal your personal information and empty your bank account before you even knew you were hacked. Heck, some brainers can even swipe your memories and sell them on the black market, so watch your back. Be sure and get the latest mods and firewalls installed, or you might wake up one day and find you no longer remember the world around you.
Our technology has increased to the point where we can augment our bodies with cybernetic implants, or even completely replace body parts.  Most of these, such as the Tendril Access Processor, help us in our daily lives. Of course, there are other reasons to get "cybered," omae. If you want to stay at the top of the food chain, if you want to get the best jobs the mean streets have to offer, you need an edge. Cyberware gives you that edge.
As I see it, the only real reason to do a second edition of a game or setting is if you can make said game or setting better. And that's precisely what we are doing with Interface Zero 2.0. We think we can improve on the first edition, while at the same time bringing you much more setting material so you can go even deeper into the world as it exists in 2090.
Interface Zero 2.0 is going to be at least 200 pages long, but stretch goals may take the book as high as 300. It really depends on how much more you want to see. IZ 2.0 will be a full color, hard back book, and will be printed through the Drivethrurpg's digital print program. Below is a small list of the new material you'll find in the book.
  • Character Archetypes: You'll see an array of archetypes modeled after the Archetype packages found in the Streets of Bedlam RPG (Thanks Jason!).
  • Advanced Hacking Rules: Hacking 2.0 went a long way towards streamlining the rules found in the first edition, but they didn't address elements of Interface Zero involving virtual reality, hacking weapons, or vehicles, etc. So we're adding some advanced rules which will give your team's hacker more utility in the game.
  • You're going to see new gear, more vehicles including mecha and power armor, new weapons, purchasable androids (robot minions, anyone?)
  • Streamlined cyberware rules.
  • Streamlined hybrid creation rules.
  • We're adding rules for mecha creation to the book.
  • We're bringing in rules for dubbing, so you can make a virtual "backup" of your mind, just in case you catch a bullet between your eyes. Hey. You never know.
  • More NPCs and threats for you to use in your Interface Zero 2.0 game!
  • More information about the world, including cities such as London, Christchurch, New York, Denver and Philadelphia!
  • There will be a full-length plot point campaign, and numerous Savage Tales to keep you and your friends busy for a long time to come!

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  1. An awful lot of this sounds like ideas I've had to shoe horn into my CP2020 game because the system doesn't have them covered. I think that this could very much be worth a punt...