Monday, December 31, 2012

Unleashed Alpha results

So, I'm pretty happy with the initial Unleashed playtest results. The 2d10 system works wonderfully at first level, future testing for upper levels will definitely be needed to see if the system holds up under the advance of BAB and ACs.

I'm especially liking the Heroic Aspects thrown into the mix for it as well. Next I will introduce injuries/consequences to offset debilitating (read below 0) damage. Having some injuries which stick around for awhile might prove interesting, and prevent TPKs.

Still working on the armor system. I have gone back to full armor with DR original idea I had 2 or 3 years ago, in which a hit at the touch rating up to the full AC, is reduced by the DR of the armor. A hit above the Full AC ignores the armor entirely. Flat Footed AC works similarly, just without the standard avoidance AC bonuses.

It works like this. A roll of 16 with a damage range of 3-16 hits AC 12/17 (DR2), this margin is 4 above , 3+4= 7 dmg - 2DR = 5 inflicted damage. This same attack ends up with a 24 = a margin of 12 without DR. So 12 damage is inflicted. (seems like a lot I know, but this is effectively a critical, a result of high dice rolls.

Fun stuff, and we're going to play a bit more tonight. So more results to come.

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