Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gam3rCon Gam3day February 9th-10th

Well Well, Gam3rCon mini-con coming up.

Come on down and help me celebrate my Meaning of Life birthday...the Big 42, by playing in my alpha play-test for Unleashed Role-playing.

I'll also be running my last RPG demo for Mongoose, as their new support is miniature based Demonstration teams.

Judge Dredd (Traveller) Hot Dog Run [4 hour time slot, 4-6 players]

You're an Academy of Law Cadet in Mega-City One, You're Academy of Law tutor is taking you on the Hot Dog run. The Hot Dog run is the trip into the Cursed Earth that every Cadet makes. Here the cadets are expected to become acquainted with life beyond Mega-City One, and to demonstrate their skills in handling the various hazardous conditions of the Cursed Earth.

By this time in their life, Cadets have been in the academy for a decade, now as teenagers they are expected to prove themselves. The hazards of the Cursed Earth are many, and entire Hot Dog runs never return, do you have what it takes to survive?

Unleashed RPG Playtest [4+ Hours, 4 players]

The Unleashed Role-Playing Game brings you cinematic role-playing using streamlined rules with an old-school feel. Utilizing an explosive 2d10 based system, it allows you to simulate fantastic combat. Few constraints are imposed in what you can attempt, heroic aspects allow you to accomplish amazing feats of heroism, even at first level. Declare what you want to do, then roll to see what your margin of success was.

At the core of the system lies the OGL of the World’s Most Famous Role-playing Game. But its buried pretty deep, having been re-built based on 28 years of gaming experience. A combination of Old School and Indie design, this game brings you something old, something new, something borrowed, something woo!

Come help Alpha Test Unleashed and you will be included in the Playtest credits upon publication. You can also sign up for continuing playtesting of Unleashed.Brought to you by EpicRPGBlog, San Diego's RPG Blog.