Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Congrats and Woohoos!

Congrats to Paizo/Goblinworks on funding their Pathfinder Online game. They came in at just under $1.1 million. Again, if PO was going to be Pathfinder rules based rather than Golarion Online, I would be all over it, but an EVE style PvP MMO isn't what I want. I was slightly interested in the Emerald Spire megadungeon they are creating. And I'm impressed with the talent they have working on the game.

Congrats to Gamesmiths, LLC for succesfully getting Legends of Sinbad funded. It doubled what they were asking, and opened my eyes to how hard it is for small start-ups to get funding on projects. Something I'll have to watch for when I try to do Unleashed.

Woohoo!!! The next Kickstarter goal for FATE Core is Day After Ragnarok!!!  Go help fund it now, $10 will get you this and the other PDFs!!!! 
GO NOW!!!!

We're over halfway to our Young Centurions goal! That means it's time for us to reveal the next goal at $285,000: the Fate system adaptation of The Day After Ragnarok, exploding at you like gigaton-class mindbomb from Kenneth Hite and Leonard Balsera!

This is post-apocalyptic pulp like no other! Mighty-thewed barbarians and grim mercenaries roam the desolate plains of Ohio. Giant snakes, and those who worship them, prowl the ruins of St. Louis. Pirates battle Japanese invaders in the South China Sea. Bold British agents, equipped with experimental ophi-tech, thwart the insidious infiltration of Stalin's humanzees. Sky-raiders strike from hidden bases in the Sahara, deros skulk in South American caverns, and the Texas Rangers fight electrical death worms to save Los Alamos.

Kenneth Hite presents a world of savage swords and rocket men, of were-serpents and war-apes, from Australia's battered Empire to the proud city-state of Chicago. And across it all lies the trillion-ton corpse of the Midgard Serpent, killed by atomic fire but still poisoning the Earth with every passing night. Welcome to the world at the end of the world!

With this Fate Core translation, you'll be able to use The Day After Ragnarok as an alternate timeline-gone-wrong backstory for your Shadow of the Century game! The Fate Core Edition of The Day After Ragnarok will include the tale of how the Century Club went down fighting the Midgard Serpent. Learn how Jet Black flew the atomic bomb into the Serpent's mouth to end the fight, and read the sad and tragic tale of Sally Slick, the sole survivor of the battle who now wanders the wastelands of America, keeping the spirit of the century alive for just one more day.

Thanks to our partnership with Atomic Overmind Press we'll bring you this stretch goal once we reach $285,000. Backers at the EXPANSIONS level and higher will be able to receive the Fate Core Edition of the Day After Ragnarok in PDF form for an upgrade cost of absolutely nothing. So let's bring on the apocalypse, folks!