Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Alpha Testing Unleashed

It looks like I will be doing some Alpha Testing at GamerCon GameDay (Feb9/10) and Kingdom Con (April). Been working on consolidating some rules ideas, mods, and I'll start writing up the Alpha Rules for low-level testing. I'm looking at 4th level for these alpha tests. 

While developing the system, I'm also developing my Fantasy game world. I'm planning on having the world progress through the ages, with input from fans/players. Instead of putting out book after book on a static world, 1 book, and several serials over the course of a year would suffice to cover it. Then the world advances, civilizations rise and fall. Once great cities become the ruins of old. I first thought of doing this with the old animated Lord of the Rings. When Gandalf was pointing out how the 4th age would be the age of man. The first couple of ages will be covered as vague history. There will be lots of new takes on old ideas. I eventually will tie in the Fantasy ages with industrial ages, modern ages, future ages,  etc,.

A World where the dragons weren't the first sentient race on the planet, in fact, they were created to serve the first great empire. A militant race rises to create one of the most powerful empires ever known, only to fall back into depravity. Magical Genetic Manipulation. And more.

I'm going to work with the boys to create a logo as this is a family project. The boys and I have sat down and discussed world creation together.

Stay Tuned.

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