Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Crawl Magazine - call for submisisons

Crawl Magazine for DCC RPG is putting out a call for submissions, think I'll submit some stuff, probably a couple of monsters and some deadly traps!

If you're interested, here's what they said:

DCCRPG Crawl #7 submissions.

So Crawl! number six is off for approval. This gives me time to work on the next issue. The next issue is going to be focused on Judges. It's going to be full of Tips, Tricks & Traps. I want some unique stuff for Judges to do behind the screen to make the game fun and challenging to their players. A short adventure or encounter would be cool. As would some traps, especially some fun unique Grimtooth's style stuff. I particularly like multi-part, initiative based traps... I'll take some new critters too. How about some tips from you experienced Judges on running games?

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