Saturday, December 1, 2012

Watch and Learn...

It's amazing watching kickstarters, seeing which succeed, which fail, and by how much.

It seems games with Miniatures almost always do well. From the 3 million dollar Reaper run to the Judge Dredd MG run, to the Monster Board Game with its gorgeous minis. I know from what I was reading about the Reaper KS, that paying for the initial scuplt/mold is the expensive part, after that giving away plastics is the cheap part...which is why they were able to give out 3 to 1 payback.

Some games are too much, their focus lost, as they try to do too many things at once. They fail due to either unreasonable starting goals.

If I plan to run a KS in the future, I will continue to watch others, see what they do well, why they succeed, why they fail. I takes a lot of work to do it. Best not have it fail. People expect decent stretch goals. Be prepared for that.