Sunday, December 2, 2012

Deadlands Noir - Quick Review

Got the early backer PDF for Deadlands Noir...looks freaking sweet so far. I'll have a review of it after I'm done reading it.

So far, from what I've read it's pretty amazing...It's a 145 page book. Very professional looking.

The default area is New Orleans.New York or Chicago would be a good place to run the game in the Northern States.

The era is the Depression, after the Great War. Changes to bring the game from the Deadlands steampunk/western to a more Noire/Art Deco, include changing Hucksters to Grifters, adding Voodoo, Mad Science evolves to Patent Science, making the weapons look very art deco (like I wanted to do with my Moderne Worlds of 2039.)

The Artwork is gritty, dark deco. Black & White, with red color highlights unify the feel of the art.  Many of the people have realistic looks to them. Especially since a lot of the art incorporates backers from the kickstarter if memory serves.

What's Noire without mysteries to solve. The book includes a Mystery generator, not some little one either, this is in depth and should provide dozens of great adventures. And of course since it's Savage Worlds, it's not as likely to be solved with a quick magic spell. Another great thing that since it's Savage Worlds, pulling source material from Weird War II, Realms of Cthulhu, or Rippers is easy, and can make things a lot more interesting.

More on this as I read more.

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