Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Curious Few Productions

So Here's some of the stuff I'm planning for the future for Curious Few Productions. I will need writers and artists, and cartographers. I'm new at this but determined.

Unleashed RPG
 - New Core system based on the SRD featuring dynamic combat. I'm hoping to run the first Public Alpha test at Kingdom Con.
Campaign Setting featuring advancing ages, so time
Moderne Worlds of 2039 (system TBD)
Gods & Heroes of Mythology (PFRPG/URPG)
- Think Deities & Demigods, with less Uber monsters and more of a resource. Planning to have plenty of heroes, monsters and other resources for it however.
[unnamed] A Futuristic Car miniature wargame
[secret name] A Fantastic chess/wargame hybrid.

Watch this space and the sister blog for more info.