Monday, December 17, 2012

Finishing Touches (RPG Superstar 2013)

So at the last minute I scraped the Chirurgeon's Mending Kit in favor of an earlier idea. I will post the Chirurgeon's Kit tomorrow after the 2PM Deadline has passed. (Can't have a random person entering my item that just stumbles onto the blog at the last minute now can we?)

So putting on the final touches to my item, and hopefully I will be in the Top32!!!!  I think this item really has a shot, it tweaks the game rules, is very thematic for what it is, doesn't break the main rules, definitely isn't a spell in a can, IP Violation, etc. I used a Golarion specific location for it. It doesn't grant a feat, or steal any classes abilities. I hope the community likes it.

Good luck to everyone entering!!!