Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fun Stuff (SuperDungeon Explore)

So we got in the new Super Dungeon Explore expansion Caverns of RoXoR!!!

The boys and I cracked it open tonight (mostly the boys), and we had a good look at the expansion. Gamewise they are very similar. No assembly required this time however, the expansion come pre-assembled. Which for people who are buying this for their kids, and have no miniature experience is a good thing. It does make it a bit harder to paint professionally. But it reduces the stress induction for parents. The minis are nice too, very reminiscent of a certain video game with plumbers.  From firey goo to all sorts of turtle men, this will be a great expansion to an already fun game.

Caverns of Roxor

We will be giving this a run-thru as soon as possible.

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