Wednesday, May 2, 2012

FATE System

I'm quickly becoming a FATE fanatic, The skill based game system combined with aspects are really winning me over to this system and it's becoming my go-to system for any game.

I enjoy Pathfinder, but it does still have the same old D&D issues that I've quit D&D for at least twice. While Pathfinder is an improvement over 3.5, and has some of the best writers in the industry, it still has issues with high level play. I personally don't want to spend 3 hours running a single combat. Take Golarion and put it in a FATE based game, might be interesting.

I love Savage Worlds as well and Earthdawn, but they're beginning to falter as my top choices.

After playing the Atomic Robo playtest, I didn't want to stop, I wanted to continue that game. I have been reading my Legends of Anglerre book again, and working on an Earthdawn Hack.

Check out these FATE system titles:
Spirit of the Century
Dresden Files
Kerberos Club
Legends of Anglerre
Starblazer Adventures

Also check out the d20 to FATE conversion document