Tuesday, May 15, 2012

News! Pinnacle's new secret setting revealed!


OK, as you've seen I had just been working on my ideas for a Free RPG...well here is one of the genres I had been kicking around in my head...Noir...

I must say I'm quite excited....I've been shying away from the whole PFRPG thing lately, I guess I'm just tired of the massive amount of stuff again...prolly just a phase, but I'm really enjoying reading other games and settings. Don't get me wrong I'm still going to pick up the Advanced Races Guide, but y'know just checking out other games, I think one reason is because I love FATE so much, and learning new systems has always given me ideas for tweaks to any game. Anyway, check out the kickstarter, I'm heading over there now!

Deadlands Noir—The Secret Setting Revealed!Deadlands Noir
The year is 1935. New Orleans is one tough lady of a town. Some say her blood-red lipstick hides a heart of gold, others say it’s black as a killin’ bruise. Colorful, but a smart man don’t say nothin’ if he can avoid it—best to let the deadly secrets of the streets roll down the gutters like dirty rainwater.
This hard-boiled new setting brings the gritty history of the Deadlands world into the 1930s, giving you the shades of gray only a world of noir can deliver. Study the dangerous art of private detection in the city of New Orleans, solve whodunnits where both suspects and victims shoot back, venture into the gator-filled sludge of Louisiana’s deadly bayous, and learn just what the killer known only as “Stone” is doing in the Big Easy.
Deadlands Noir is also our first foray into Kickstarter. Even if you’re somehow not interested in the dizzying array of fabulous perks available, be sure to check out the first installment of the illustrated audio drama Hard Boiled in the Big Easy.
Since we first leaked a teaser about the new setting last Tuesday, we’ve been running a contest on our Facebook page to guess the name of the new setting. Give it a look-seefor an explanation of the various clues and whether anyone guessed it correctly.