Monday, May 28, 2012

Gamex Report

Well GameX was a fun day on Sunday. First and foremost, walking with without having been pre-registered, getting the boys and I in took all of maybe 1 minute. The con was laid out with lots of room, we never made it to all the different areas as they were laid out all over the hotel. However it was simple to find what we were looking for as they had nice signage pointing to the different areas. Very well-run con, can't wait to hit it in September.

We got to play some Traveller on Sunday morning (9AM slot) with Mongoose Cadet: Nicholas Hallsey. Murder on Achates IV. The adventure was a murder mystery set in the Imperium. We arrived on a transport, and as the only ones at at the starport that arrived after the murder we were quickly recruited to solve the mystery. We blew through the content, moving to immediately check the security footage of the crime, which of course had been tampered with. While we were under psion assault it wasn't hard to see something was afoot, We finished with nearly an hour to spare. I enjoyed myself and I'll let the boys say what they thought of the game and have them post in the comments.

We headed down to the dealer hall after the game to get a lay of the land as to what was for sale and what new stuff was going on there, first I picked up Dominion: Intrigue for $40, not bad. After we went and played some Infinite City, we got a $5 coupon for the AEG booth, So combined with the con special, I was able to pick up L5R War of Honor for $45! Which was like 25% off.

We hit the 2PM timeslot ready to rock, Ian decided he wanted to play something on his own, without Sean & I. So he headed to another Traveller game with Nicholas Hallsey. "On Board the Sun Tzu". Sean and I headed to a Castle Falkenstein hack for Malifaux, run by James Forest of plustentoawesome.
 It was EPIC! and fully captured the feel of Malifaux. Several members of the Guild return to the mining town to find it under assault by ghouls, which had of course stolen the huge shipment of soulstones. This was my first encounter with the Castle Falkenstein RPG, and I must say it's a rather nice fit for Malifaux. I wish it wasn't so out of print, I'd love to get my hands on a copy of it.

Pictures to follow tomorrow.