Saturday, May 19, 2012

Moderne World of 2039 Ramblings

Remember all of this is still owned by me under CCNA-SA, so if you want to make derivative works, obviously link back here. 

Does this sound like a game you'd want to play in?

So I'm still designing this in my head, it's definitely not Deadlands Noir, it's more of a Flash Gordon modernized (not like the SyFy version most recently....better). As in take the old serials, project that technology into the future. Now combine it with some flappers, Metropolis, Caravan Palace, the roaring 20's that lasted over 100 years, while alcohol was eventually re-legalized, drinking in public wasn't, so the 'speak easy' survived as private clubs which require memberships to attend. Unlicensed 'Speeks' are still raided all the time. Needless to say, memberships aren't cheap, nor are the licenses to open a Private Club, so hundreds of 'Speeks' come and go in every city of the 7 colonies.

The 7 colonies. When mankind left Earth, they expanded to 7 habitable locales (soft science pulp habitable, forget reality). Mars, the Moon, Venus, Titan, (Three other colonies tbd).

There won't be rayguns that you're used to seeing, but there will be lasers. Imagine a Tommy Gun shooting lasers...but with a pseudo scientific explanation as to why...Now imagine that same Tommy gun all chromed out and sporting some nice micronized neon tubes...

Cap 1 Industries is the largest and most powerful company in the world of 2039, in the galaxy for that matter. GioNova Intergalactic is their largest rival. Each G-Corp (originally known as Gang Corporations by the feds). Obviously Cap 1 Industries was started by Al Capone's organization, and GiaNova was started by the Giovanni Crime Syndicate.

The Federal Earth Government still tries to keep the peace between the G-Corps, but, since nearly every cop has their pockets lined with G-creds, it's hard to find honest cops. Dicks form the largest independent mercenary force. (Think private eyes turned shadow runner). These guys are paid real good to investigate other G-Corps, and bring evidence to light to cost rival G-Corps serious cred.

With the exploration of the Galaxy, came new adventure, and of course, intergalactic intrigue in the form of alien races. Once alien races where found, brown skin didn't mean much compared to 4 arms.

Dexter M. Rey is the biggest voice in Radio, Video and Satelo. His voice spans the 7 Colonies via Satelo, one of Nikola Tesla's greatest inventions (Besides his RoboForm bodies) Satelo allows near instantaneous communication across the galaxy. (Soft Sci-Fi). TelStar is the leading technology company, though other companies employ Dicks to attempt to steal research from rivals. Cap 1 Industries has several shady companies under the radar, back engineering, and redesigning TelStar's work to to patent. Yes, Nikola Tesla is still alive....sort an Advanced RoboForm, though he's gone a bit mad, he is still constantly inventing, but he never talks, he just creates new technology 24/7, teams engineers watch him around the clock, trying to see what he's doing, but many times new items come out of Tesla's lab, and no one knows what they do, how they work or anything.

Working again makes it tough to post EVERY day, but hopefully with Summer coming up we can get the Epic Twins posting some stuff as well.