Thursday, May 10, 2012

Far West Update & pre-orders

Hey all,

Got this in my e-mail the other day, If you've been waiting for the game, or if you haven't a clue, check it out:

Hey there, folks.
We've just posted a new development article up on the FAR WEST website, giving a glimpse of the steps of character creation: appearing at the top of that article (and included below with this update) is a selection of three character portraits, more examples of the Kickstarter backer images that Rick has done.   Who are these fine people?    Ah, but that would be telling.
 Also live on the website today is the launch of the pre-order for the non-Kickstarter general-release Retail Edition of the game, which will be appearing in distributor catalogs in the next few weeks, solicited as an August release.   If you've got friends who missed out on the Kickstarter, feel free to point them to the webstore:

I'm really excited to get the PDF in my hot little hands next month!!!