Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I'm going to be checking out www.Adventureaweek.com, Already from looking at it, there are 9 adventures.


So the goal is to present a new adventure every week, so far it seems they've maintained that goal, I'll have a look at the adventures that are up, check out the built in campaign setting and report back.

This is from their home page:

Welcome to Adventureaweek!
Getting started:
  • The most important links you will use are conveniently located in the sidebar on the right hand side of the page.  We also feature a drop down menu with faster access once you become comfortable with the site.
  • A new adventure will be presented each week and remain on the site indefinitely.
  • You are encouraged to utilize our campaign setting, but it is not required to run these adventures.
  • Please take the time to introduce yourself on the forum.  Our forum is a very open place where Game Masters may share their ideas freely and brainstorm with other GMs.
Here's a list of some of the modules for 2012!
A1 Crypt of the Sun Lord - 3/1 
A2 Devil of Dark Wood - 3/8
A3 Champion’s Rest – 3/15
A4 Forest for the Trees – 3/22
A5 Winterflower – 3/29
A6 Bear Trouble – 4/5
A7 Alchemist’s Errand – 4/12
A8 Search for the Tri-Stone – 4/19
A9 Rogue Wizard – 4/26
A10 Icecrag Monastery – 5/3
A11 Wild Thing – 5/10
B1 Under His Skin – 5/17
A12 Threat of the Drow – 5/24
A13 Rise of the Drow – 5/31
A14 Matron of the Drow – 6/7
A15-A20 Adventures in new lands!