Friday, May 11, 2012

Gaslight Gathering II: The Expedition

Hey all!

Gaslight Gathering is going on right now.

Unfortunately with my new job and since I came down with a nasty cold, I'm not there right now. (Also the boys will be attending a birthday party on a Game Truck tonight, so...that kind of took precedence.)

Last year gaming up there was pretty fun, we played some Dystopia Wars, and Red Dragon Inn, in addition to playing lots of Munchkin. I'm not sure what's being played right now, but I heard SoCal Malifaux is there running Malifaux demos.

They're holding it at the Town & Country in Hotel Circle. Check out for information!

(Not sure if these prices are pre-reg or at the door prices now, so at the door might be a bit more)
Steerage (Single Day) Boarding Pass
Friday $20
Saturday $30
Sunday $15