Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Warlands - Using Mac's Bodyshop

So while we didn't get around to actual play today, we did get our forces sorted out using the new Mac's Bodyshop. I really liked how it all worked out for creating the vehicles, it was pretty simple.

I believe there's an error in the ET-5 Engine, as the acceleration numbers are the same as the ET-3, I think it's supposed to be the same as the Maxwell engine. (EDIT: I was correct, this was addressed in the erratta.)

Now as I read through the rules, I do find one thing a bit odd. I think it's weird to have Target numbers attached to a speed category where the speeds vary. The TNs should be based upon the speed of the vehicle, not it's category. A Slow vehicle that travels 12 should not be the same difficulty to hit as the fast vehicle that travelled 22, even through they're both in the same fast category. It doesn't change the fun I have playing the game, just a design choice that's weird to me personally...and I'm vocal about what I think. Obviously I wouldn't have a blog if I didn't.