Sunday, January 15, 2012

Legends & Lore Redux - What Can You Do?

What Can You Do?

OK, this isn't where I'd go with design. Monte is talking about only having a single action per round. Move or Attack or Cast a Spell...

This definitely isn't what I want to see, I want to see dynamic action, that's one of the reasons I like Savage Worlds, you can attempt to do lots of things in a round, but each additional thing is affected by penalties.

I want a game where a 1st level character can attempt to run past several foes striking each of them as he goes. I say attempt because say the character wants to make 3 attacks, while running. Those penalties might add up to a -8 to all actions. Could he get lucky and do all of them at 1st level? Yeah, he could. But it's not likely. As he gets more experienced, or if he takes feats which remove the penalties, then the chances of it working greatly increase. There would still be limits, unless you have a feat you can only cast 1 spell, move would be similar to what it is in 3.x.

Making a single action game is BORING, with a Capital REALLY. Unless the game is free-form enough to have that action include anything. When its your turn you act, you swing from a chandelier shouting "Your Momma was a Half-orc!" and swinging your sword at every spear that comes close.  You should be able to defensively attack, while readying to cut the tip of the spears off as they thrust. You should be able to do the same stuff, sorry attempt the same stuff at level 1 that you can attempt at level 20.

Sorry on a tangent now.

What should really be decoupled again is the single attribute having a single modifier, 20 = +5, in the case of strength, that lead to things hitting well and powerful. In OD&D an 18/00 Str was +3 to hit and +6 dmg, That was good, because it didn't skew the game as much. And it was better both directions, for players and monsters. Minimum strengths, prevalent in other games SHOULD be instituted in the new version. 7 str, hope you like that dagger. Want to wield a two handed sword, 17 Str, sorry 16 Str rogue, no back-stabbing with that two-hander.