Friday, January 6, 2012

RPG Superstar 2012

Well I hit submit on my entry for the year, it's under the 300 word limit, it messes with the rules but doesn't completely rewrite them, it's multi-SAIC, but I hope it has enough creativity to have the theme come through.

Let's hope for a Top 32 on January 24th. I almost got kept in 2009 with my Ghostfire Torch, but they thought it was too inexpensive, personally I think that a single use 10 round items that helps protect you from incorporeal undead, is priced about right at 900gp, perhaps I should have upped it by 50%.

Now to start thinking of an organization.

What really make RPG Superstar tough is you can't throw ideas around with others, its game design in a bubble. Game design in a bubble leads to overpowered items, and stupid items because you can't say "Does a Tablet of Book Storage sound too much like an iPad? " How about Spectacles of the Librarian? Actually Spectacles of the Librarian sounds pretty damn cool....just writing ideas out for others to review can be enough to get the juices flowing.


Tablet of Book Storage (sounds like an iPad, but is actually a place to store physical tomes, not to display their works.)

 Place a book on the tablet and push, and it is stored in the space. place your hand on the tablet to see what is stored within, like seeing a library shelf. Say the name of the book you want to call to bring it to your hand.

Spectacles of the Monster Hunter
These spectacles allow you to read treatises on various creatures, as an immediate action you may describe the creature out loud. The next round you may make an a Knowledge check to identify the creature's name and ecology. The round after the spectacles will instruct you on the powers and attacks of the creature. On the 3rd round, the spectacles will note all of the vulnerabilities of the creature, complete with highlighting vulnerable areas with faerie fire on the creature itself. This will grant a +1d6 precision damage for any attacks against the creature, unless it is a creature immune to criticals.

Spectacles of the Sage
These spectacles allow you to read treatises on various histories. Choose a subject, and read for 1 hour, for the rest of the day, you will have a +10 competence bonus on that specific knowledge check.

Spectacles of the Linguist
These spectacles allow you to read reference materials on various languages. When trying to decipher a language, you will have a +10 competence bonus on that specific linguistics check. 

(I will fully flesh out these items in the future)