Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gam3rCon Gamesday tomorrow!!

Here's what's planned for tomorrow...

Dungeon World - RPG
The town of Three Crossings has put up with the occasional goblin raid for years, but lately they've gotten much more frequent and organized -- not to mention dangerous. Not content to poach livestock and foodstuffs anymore, the goblins have started hitting merchant caravans, travelers, and even outlying homesteads. What are they up to out there? A handful of heroes have stepped forward to find out... before Three Crossings is overrun.

Pathfinder - RPG
The party is hired by The pathfinder society to escort a caravan to Diobel from Absalom. The caravan is secretly carrying an ark that was recovered from Osirion and only the party knows of it's presence, but they do not know what is inside it.

Dungeon Crawl Classics - RPG
You’re an adventurer: a reaver, a cutpurse, a heathen-slayer, a tight-lipped warlock guarding long-dead secrets. You seek gold and glory, winning it with sword and spell, caked in the blood and filth of the weak, the dark, the demons, and the vanquished. There are treasures to be won deep underneath, and you shall have them. Return to the glory days of fantasy with the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game. Adventure as 1974 intended you to, with modern rules grounded in the origins of sword & sorcery. Fast play, cryptic secrets, and a mysterious past await you...

Dominion - card game
Dominion is a deck-building game in which the players compete to gather the most valuable deck of cards, representing a Kingdom.

Call of Cthulhu - RPG
Call of Cthulhu is a horror role playing game based on the Cthulhu Mythos primarily associated with writer H. P. Lovecraft. This particular scenario is set in the future, with the Players waking up from some kind of suspended animation with no memory of who they are, or how they came to be there.

Arkham Horror - board game
Players take on the role of investigators in H. P. Lovecraft's Massachusetts town of Arkham. Gates to other planes open throughout the town. If too many gates open, a powerful alien being will enter. Players must cooperate to stop the alien being from destroying the town.

Traveller - RPG
This is what I'm Running....

Werewolf - social game
Players are secretly assigned roles: either "werewolves", who know each other; or "townspeople", who know only the number of werewolves amongst them. In the game's "night" phase the werwolves covertly 'murder' a townsperson. During the day phase, all of the surviving players debate the identities of the werewolves and vote to eliminate a suspect. Play continues until all of the werewolves have been eliminated, or until the werewolf outnumber the townspeople.

Frag - board game
A board game the simulates the first person shooter experience.

Star Trek  - Card Game
In Star Trek [Deck Building Game]: The Next Generation, players take on the role of Captain of a salvaged Starship. You build your crew and deck and then explore the universe.

Ticket to Ride - board game
Ticket to Ride is a railway-themed board game where players try and build the most expansive railway across the US.

Outbreak Undead - RPG
In the days following the first outbreaks, as society crumbles around them, a group of survivors bands together to make a last, desperate stand, at a defensible house in the suburbs. Can they survive long enough to acquire what they need to get back on the road to the protection of a FEMA safe zone at the nearby Air Force base? And, to what lengths will they go to survive...?

Invasion from Outer Space - board game
Invasion From Outer Space, The Martian Game is a fast-paced game of fiendish Martians, Big Top Heroes, and SciFi Movie Action.

Pandemic- board game
Pandemic is based on the premise that four diseases have broken out in the world, each threatening to wipe out a region. The game accommodates 2 to 4 players. Through the combined effort of all the players, the goal is to discover all four cures before any of several game-losing conditions are reached.

Deadlands (Savage World) - RPG
Deadlands is a genre-mixing alternate history roleplaying game which combines the Western and horror genres, with some Steampunk elements.

Cosmic encounter - board game
Cosmic Encounter is a dynamic and social game, with players being encouraged to interact, argue, form alliances, make deals, double-cross, and occasionally work together to protect the common good.

Lord of the Rings RISK - board game
Risk: The Lord of the Rings is a board game based upon the game Risk, but set in Tolkien's land of Middle-earth. The board is divided into nine regions of Middle-earth taken from the three films.

Furt - board/social game
FURT is a befuzzling eruption of laughter in a box. It is a party game that defies logic and reason.

Star Wars Saga - RPG
It is the dark times now that the emperor and Dark Vador have locked down the galaxy. It is up to a small band of heroes to find and help a budding group of rebels if there is any hope to be free of the Empire.

Bang - card game
Bang! is a wild west-themed card game similar to a spaghetti western. Players secretly take on a role which determines who they must shoot before they get shot.