Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mapping software

So gaming and mapping, who what when why where.

So my favorite software program to create maps is Dundjinni. Now unfortunately, Dundjinni was sold and Dundjinni 2 is supposed to be in development. The unfortunate part of the problem is that you can't buy the original software currently. The forums are currently assaulted by spam and moderators are doing their best to combat it. For several months now the store has been closed for migration, but that doesn't seem quite right, it shouldn't take that long to migrate, well I guess it could if you're doing it entirely in house and you have to write all the software. The software is good enough that WizKids was using it to produce maps for HeroClix. I believe the Armor Wars base map and some others were created in least that's what my memory says. The community is great, lots of art is created for free for others to use, some commercially, others non-commercial (so you have to remember what is and isn't usable if you plan to sell your maps.)

Campaign Cartographer
This is Computer Aided Drafting software, I'm an experienced Computer Aided Drafter and this software is tough for me. This software is not for the neophyte really. It takes work to Master, however once you've mastered it, it can be quite powerful.
The last version I used was CC2. Including Dungeon Designer, City Designer and Fractal Terrains.

There are other bits of software out there, I'd love to give them a try some day.