Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fun Fun Fun for the New Year

Now that the extreme craziness of the holidays is pretty much over, we've been able to sit down and get some real gaming in. Our New Year countdown consisted of playing games til midnight.

We played Battleground in the morning- I played both of them at the same time.
My Dwarves vs. Sean's Monsters....The Hill Giant was the deciding factor in Sean's victory
My Elves vs. Ian's Lizardmen, Terrain played a major roll in Ian's victory. Also I didn't choose any archers, as I was trying a new tactic.

From 8pm on we:
First we played Lego Creationary - No winners just builders.
Then we played Quao - Sarah won! woo
We played our travel version of scattergories, lots of fun, lots of word twisting.
Finally played a game of Martians to round out the last hour. We played co-op and won!!! first time we played co-op and lost....

New Years day we played Kill Doctor Lucky (Two games, since Ian won the first game on the first round, with the Monkey hand in the Foyer, and he happened to pull the Foyer movement card to bring the Doctor to  the Foyer, after we had all moved out of view. The Second game Sean won, with the Crepe pan, in the Servant's Quarters (he was playing the chef token!!!)

Today we played some Robo Rally, Just a quick race to a first flag, I ran into some mishaps along the way, but finally finished VICTORIOUS

Tomorrow we will be playing WarLands!!! Can't wait to try out the new rules.