Thursday, May 30, 2013

M2E tomorrow

I'm very excited about the Malifuax 2nd edition beta testign rules being released on Friday, (no specific time yet). However, I can't WAIT to see what the rules will encompass.

Decided that I want my own Vicky army, especially after reading about Vanessa, Treasure hunter. However I don't want the normal box set with Taelor, Bishop and such, so I'm just going to grab the alt Vickys, a Vanessa and Ronin, then I'll throw Hans in there as well as Sue.

(Note I had wanted to make Earthdawn posts daily leading up to Earthdawn appreciation Day, but my schedule isn't cooperating.... So HOPEFULLY the rest of the Weekend I can get the Rest of the Wind Crusader written, then next week I'll focus on Bloodlorne, a very vampire-like Horror. Then I'll have a week to re-vamp the Earthdawn Merit and Flaw system.