Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Earthdawn Merits & Flaws update

So for Earthdawn Appreciation Day I will be updating a set of merits and flaws that I created for ED1 over a decade ago. Then I was basing it loosely on Old World of Darkness and 7th Seas plus a bit of L5R. Then, I didn't have a point buy system in place for 3rd edition, now I do, So working the merits and flaws into that system will work perfectly.

Now originally I did it to make characters different from each other. With the 3rd edition, characters aren't all the same, as they have a little leeway, but more background can never hurt.

I will be installing a 'trait' system as well, similar to Pathfinder's system, 1 pt very minor modifiers.

Modifiers will be innate bonuses to specific attribute-based skill checks.

I had been wanting to redo these rules, one night when I was chatting with James Sutton, it came up even. So this give me the  perfect excuse to do so.

Stay tuned for Earthdawn Appreciation Day (tell your friends!!!) back to work on Golems.