Saturday, May 4, 2013

Free Comic Book day!!! (Updated)

Don't forget to head to your local participating Comic shop to get your FREE COMIC BOOKS!!!

we're off!!!

We're Back, we went to Comickaze, San Diego Games & Comics and finally our local CS, Invincible Ink.

This was our First trip to Comickaze, and let me say, we were impressed by that store. They were celebrating May the 4th and FCBD at the same time. The 501st was out, Krayt Clan, plus at least one Mandalorian. Ecto 1 appeared to be looking for some Ghosts to Bust, even Nick Fury made an appearance.

At Comickaze we also picked up the FCBD Exclusive IRON MAN HeroClix figure for our food donation.

SD Games & Comics was out of they didn't have a limit of 4 or 5 titles.

Between the 3 stores we came away with a pretty good haul.
Ecto - 1

R2-D2 showed up



Krayt Clan

AT-AT Driver,  Mando, and Krayt Clan