Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Designing for RPGs - Cutting the Mecha Rules down to size (Interface Zero 2.0)

So it looks like we're cutting down the mecha rules down to a more manageable size. Which is good setting wise, as I came up with GolemMart, Malmart's Golemmech customizing garage. Of course, just like real stores, you're not going to have a lot of choices. More like some swapping out and adding on, in minor amounts.

So for example if you hae a scout power armor, you can add a couple points of armor, here, up the strength, add some extra sensors, and maybe add a flight system to it. But not a free reign build your mech from scratch system...for now. Looks Like we're going to possibly add that to MalMart later.

The good thing about coming up with a full ruleset now is the mecha created for the Core rulebook will be created with the exact same rules for all the future mecha as well. Just with more flexibility later. And of course many, many more options.

So back to GolemMart's Garage.