Thursday, May 23, 2013

Countdown to Earthdawn Appreciation Day (22 days)

My next countdown to Earthdawn Appreciation Day 2013. Now 22 days remain until the day.

New Legendary Item:

Maximum Threads: 2
Legend Point Cost: Warden                                                          Spell Defense: 17

This extremely heavy polearm appears to be made of pitted black iron, crude swirling patterns appear to be beaten into the blocky head of the weapon . T'xoro was a t'skrang Wind Crusader, an anomaly who blended several disciplines into a new discipline. He and his companions defeated many horrors in the days before Kaer Lo'gaal was closed.

T'xoro never made it into a kaer for the t'skrang hibernation. T'xoro was mortally wounded protecting his companions while they fled into the kaer as it was being sealed, T'xoro severed one of Bloodlorne's arms and drove it off, T'xoro lay bleeding on his weapon, his lifeblood being soaked into it as the last of his blood left him.

With no thread woven to the weapon, it has the following profile:
Polearm Damage Step:7, Min Str: 17, Size: 5, Weight 13.

Thread Rank 1
Key Knowledge: Learn the name of Windsplitter
Effect: Minimum Strength drops to 14, weight drops to 12, and damage step is now 10.

Thread Rank 2
Effect: damage step is now 12

Thread Rank 3
Key Knowledge: Learn that T'xoro crafted Windsplitter as a thread weapon in the camp outside Kaer Lo'gall.
Effect: Windsplitter changes appearance to that of a beautifully crafted weapon of black iron, with intricately carved swirling air symbols, elemental air courses along the grooves of the carvings. The haft feels like black iron, but has the look of polished black wood. By taking a point of strain, you can now make a melee attack as a ranged attack with a range of 20 and damage step 6.

Thread Rank 4 
Effect:  +1 Physical Defense, ranged damage increases to step 9.

Thread Rank 5
Key Knowledge: Learn the name of T'xoro's companions and that they were known as the Hand of Lo'gall.
Effect:  +1 Social Defense

Thread Rank 6
Key Knowledge: Learn the name of the first horror killed by Windsplitter.
Effect:   Windsplitter gains a pool of 5 Karma, which may be used in combat versus horrors, or on any skill being utilized while combating a horror.

Thread Rank 7
Effect:  Windsplitter will cause a wound on any horror with only a good result. Damage step is now 14.

Thread Rank 8
Deed: Prove your Worth by leaping 30 feet from airship to airship during combat, and striking the killing blow on a Major Horror. Gain first circle in the following disciplines: Warrior, Sky Raider, Weapon Smith, and Horror Stalker.
Effect: Gain T'xoro as a Ghost Tutor. He will then begin to teach the character the Wind Crusader discipline.

Thread Rank 9
Effect:  +2 Physical Defense, gain +3 on Great Leap checks. 

Thread Rank 10
Deed: Kill Bloodlorne and let Windsplitter soak in the blood.
Effect: Against horrors windsplitter automatically causes at least 1 wound on every successful attack.

 This is a first draft, and would need playtesting, editing, etc.Feedback welcome. This is designed after one of my characters from a game in the late 90s. He had just created his own discipline when we stopped playing, so this is where I had envisioned going. Though my GM didn't allow legendary item creation from thread items. He did however have some crazy rules on Weaponsmithing and bloodmagic, in addition to letting us spend as many karma points on appropriate tests as we wanted. This Windsplitter was pretty powerful, but not a true Legendary item.

In the following days I will detail out Bloodlorne, and the Wind Crusader discipline.