Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Countdown to Earthdawn Appreciation Day (17 days)

Wind Crusader
The Wind Crusader is a discipline derived from other disciplines, Txoro of the Questors of Haven, and Questor of Thystonius, developed this discipline based upon the three disciplines he learned from his companions, Warrior, Sky Raider, and Horror Stalker. The Wind Crusader doesn't stalk horrors, he is called upon to assist in the destruction of horrors. The Wind Crusader always uses the largest weapon they can wield effectively.

Important Attributes: Strength, Willpower
Karma Ritual: To perform this ritual, first the Wind Crusader begins by cleaning his weapons. After cleaning his weapons, he begins a half hour ritual of of leaping and striking, climbing higher, leaping higher, leaping and striking. Switching weapons, playacting a fight with a horror, fighting through injury after injury, and losing weapons until down to their bare hands.
Artisan Skills: Leatherworking, Warpainting

Talent Options: Air Dance, Climbing, Missile Weapons, Parry, Thrown Weapons, unarmed combat

First Circle: Acrobatic Strike, Air Sailing, Fire Blood, Melee Weapons, Karma Ritual, Steel Thought

Talent Options: Air Sailing, Bear Mark, Durability (8/6), Heartening Laugh, Swift Kick, Tiger spring, Wind Catcher, Wound Balance

Second circle: 
Defense: The adept adds +1 to his spell Mystic Defense
Discipline Talent: Great leap

Third Circle:
Discipline Talent: Abate Curse

Fourth Circle: 
Karma: The Adept may spend karma on any Willpower-only Tests
Discipline Talent: Thread Weaving [Crusader Weaving]

more to come tomorrow in the countdown.

[edit: changed Spell Defense to Mystic Defense....was tired when I typed this up.]