Thursday, May 9, 2013

Earthdawn Appreciation Day - My personal contribution

In addition to my other writing I'm doing, as part of the Earthdawn Appreciation Day, I'm going to update my old Merits/Flaws system I did for Earthdawn to 3rd edition. (I would do it for Revised, but I don't own revised).

From the first time I played Earthdawn I loved it, I was already tired of 2nd edition AD&D, and Earthdawn was just so different, it instantly changed the way I thought about Role-Playing Games, yes it had levels, but it also had the little addictive increases.

Legend Points instead of Experience
Legendary Thread Items instead of tossing away the old sword for the shiny new sword. It increased with you, it required your own power to make it better, and you had to perform deeds!! AMAZING.
The Magic system was just so different from the Vancian fire and forget system. Weaving threads and utilizing skills to cast.
The step system is easy to use once you know what you're doing. And exploding dice make it so much better.

More as we get closer.