Friday, May 31, 2013

Countdown to Earthdawn Appreciation Day (14 days) Wind Crusader circles 5-8

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I received some cool art entries today, paintings of an Elf, Ork and T'Skrang. Pretty cool, I will be posting EVERYTHING on June 14th!!

Anyway; continuing the Countdown by circles 5-8 of the Wind Crusader Discipline.

At the Journeyman Level is where the game is the most fun, Gaining Thread Weaving at 4th circle, characters start getting  access to thread items, legendary items, and the game really begins to pick up the pace. This is at the same time as the characters begin to be a real force in the world. 

Talent Options: Bane Strike, Cobra Strike, Leadership, Momentum Attack, Research, Second Attack, Temper Self, Tiger Spring

Fifth circle: 
Resist Corruption: When targeted by the Corrupt Karma Horror power, the horror must score at least an excellent result to prevent the character from using karma on the horror, and an Extraordinary result to prevent the use of any karma. This ability also affects other karma effect abilities of the horror, requiring an excellent result to work.

Discipline Talent: Tactics

Sixth Circle:
Karma: The adept may spend 1 karma point on Strength-only tests.

Discipline Talent: Lionheart

Seventh Circle: 
Karma: The adept may spend 1 karma on any damage tests versus a horror or horror construct.

Discipline Talent: Downstrike

Eighth Circle:
Defense: The Adept adds +1 to his physical defense.

Discipline Talent: Crushing Blow

Next up will be Warden Circles.