Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tabletop Day Successes

So Tabletop Day for me was a pretty damn good success.

I got 3 people who had never played Judge Dredd, to play, and 2 of them were unfamiliar with Traveller; the other had played old Traveller back in the 80s!! This time the trip to Haven went very quick and was quite fun, being the third time I've run the scenario definitely helped. Next week's scenario will be an almost JDMG pre-run (if i get the minis in time.) I may actually run it as a Role-playing game using the miniature rules.

For the DCCRPG I was using my own scenario as you should know from following the blog. The Light From Below was pretty well received by the two players who jumped in to play. Unfortunately didn't have the full 4 hours to play, but, in the 2 hours we got to play, I was able to determine that the layout was about right, except that the cave crickets, even toned down to a small cave cricket, are just too powerful to use against level 0s. I will return to what I was going to use before, with blind cave crabs. I think that for actually writing out the scenario the night before, it turned out pretty rock'n, all the ideas that had been swirling around in my head, really came together. I know that those two were really excited at the end to be able to contribute to something that was going to be living on after the game they played.

So Alex and Adam, thanks for playing, your legacy will survive. X marks the spot of Devin's Demise. And Boris' chalk illustration will remain beyond that one adventure. The excitement for you guys having characters that will remain and affect the continuing adventure made my day.