Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Gam3rCon Gam3sBowl 2013 - Epic Ian Con Report

     At gam3rcon I got to learn a few new games, one of the games was Smash Up. Smash Up is a pretty cool game because there are 8 different factions: pirates, robots, aliens, dinosaurs, fairies (tricksters), ninjas, wizards, and zombies. So basically you choose 2 factions, which choosing goes in a specific order, then you smash them together. Easy. After that you are putting minions on a base so that you can make the base explode.

     One of my other favorite was ultimate werewolf. Basically in this one you know who you are, then at night the werewolves figure out who is a werewolf and who's not, then after that they kill off one person at a time until there are no villagers left, and vice versa.

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