Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Gam3rCon Gam3sBowl - Epic Sean Con Report

     Gam3rcon was freaking Awesome, with a capital A. Sadly I only remember two of the games I played; one was called Smashup, and the other Ultimate Werewolf. Smashup was fun, but is a little complex and takes a while. There are 8 factions in the game; zombies, robots, wizards, ninjas, aliens, dinosaurs, fairies, and pirates. You combine two, and fight to try and destroy bases. It's really fun, and I played it about four times.

     Ultimate werewolf is a great party game. All players gather around the table, and the dealer gives everyone a card. Some are werewolves, and some are villagers. Every turn (or night), somebody is killed by the werewolves, and in the metaphorical morning, all the villagers gather to prosecute villagers as hidden werewolves, then lynch the person if they don't give a good enough defense. All in all, it was an awesome game, and an Awesome day. With a capital A.

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