Monday, March 18, 2013

Clearspring updated

So for my DCC RPG starting town of Clearspring, I'm going through all the starting occupations, and making sure I have a starting building for pretty much every occupation.  (Clearspring will be my starting city/focal point for the DCCRPG World Tour.) Characters surviving the funnel, will become prominent citizens of Clearspring...should be fun! Alright, I got all the starting character occupations a place to come from!!!

NOTE! The names are boring on purpose, the characters that survive the funnels will get their characters helping name places on the map. If a character named "Mollok" makes a mistake and pays the price perhaps  the place where he died will become Mollok's Folly.

I reserve the right to toss out ridiculous and exceptionally boring names...also copyright names DEFINITELY won't be making it into Clearspring.

The Forge

The Chantry & Orphanage 

Clearspring Inn and Gambling Hall
Main Point of interest for the following occupations
-Confidence Artist
-Guild Beggar
-Halfling Moneylender
-Halfling Vagrant

Laborer's Hall
-Ditch Digger
-Dwarven Miner
-Dwarven Ratcatcher
-Dwarven Stonemason
-Grave Digger

Woodworker's Guild
-Dwarven Chestmaker
-Elven Forester

Community Hall 
-Elven Barrister

The Mill

Butcher's Alley
-Halfling Chicken Butcher

Farms dot the fertile hillsides, and the lowlands
-Potato Farm
-Wheat Farm
-Turnip Farm
-Corn Farm
-Rice Farm
-Parsnip Farm
-Cabbage Farm
-Rutubaga Farm
-Tomato Farm

The Pasturelands
-Dwarven Herder

Stars and Stones
-Elven Chandler
-Elven Sage
-Fortune Teller
-Halfling Gypsy

Clearsping Husbandry and Stables
-Animal Trainer
-Elven Falconer

The Heartwood
-Dwarven Mushroomfarmer
-Elven Forester

Hawker's Lane
-Caravan Guard
-Dwarven Apothecarist
-Elven Artisan
-Elven Glassblower
-Halfling Haberdasher

The Cheese Shoppe

The Docks
-Elven Navigator
-Halfling Mariner
-Halfling Trader

Textile Yard
-Halfling Dyer
-Halfling Glovemaker
-Indentured Servant
-Rope Maker

Tower of the One
-Tax Collector

Creepy Shack at the Edge of the Swamp
-Wizard's Apprentice

Edit: Started working on the Clearspring Inn & Gambling Hall, a 3 story inn with a road north that goes underneath it, between the Gambling House and the Inn. It is the most well-built structure in the entire Clearspring village.

Here's the In-Work Map for Clearspring

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