Wednesday, March 13, 2013

IZ2.0 Equipment, ALMOST done.

So I'm finalizing the Interface Zero 2.0 Equipment, 40,600 words currently. 102 pages at 9 font size single spaced....(I'm at free words now! heh)


There will be some things you're going to look at and that's cool, that's so Cyber Punk! There will be some things that will just amaze you. And of course there's plenty of standard fare.

Oh and there's plenty of nods in there as well...

Note that the stuff I did, does not include Cyberware, Drones or Golemmechs/Power armor, all of that is additional which will be tacked on to the rest of the equipment section. I think Cyberware is 11 is pages, Golemmechs is around 40 pages and no idea what the drones are at. 

Needless to say this book is going to be a Gear Porn joygasm. I had to include most of the gear from IZ1, but there is so much MORE as well. 

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