Sunday, March 17, 2013

DCC RPG Clearspring

So for my DCC RPG starting town of Clearspring, I'm going through all the starting occupations, and making sure I have a starting building for pretty much every occupation.  (Clearspring will be my starting city/focal point for the DCCRPG World Tour.) Characters surviving the funnel, will become prominent citizens of Clearspring...should be fun!

Clearspring Inn and Gambling Hall
Main Point of interest for the following occupations
-Confidence Artist
-Dwarven Ratcatcher
-Guild Beggar
-Halfling Vagrant
-Halfling Haberdasher
-Halfling Moneylender

Laborer's Hall
- Ditch Digger
-Grave Digger

Woodworker's Guild
-Dwarven Chestmaker
-Elven Forester

More to come.

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