Sunday, July 22, 2012

RPG News you can Peruse...

"RPG News you can Peruse!" (new tagline...heh)

So just thought I'd update the blog with a couple of online Game Cons that are approaching.

First up is InfrnoCon7. I've mentioned INFRNO before, the free gamer's social network. Pretty cool facebook style social network with plenty of gamers hanging around. Check it out...


InfrnoCon 7 is our 10th virtual RPG convention, held online in the vast void of cyberspace. Grab your headset, your webcam, and come play with us! InfrnoCon 7 will be on Saturday, July 28th, and is currently open for player registration. Grab a seat!

So if you can't make GenCon like the rest of us, but you want to hit a con...this could be it.

The other upcoming Online Convention for Gamers is AetherCon, which is powered by the Rolld20 vitual tabletop.

I've been looking at the stuff for Rolld20, looks pretty interesting, going to sign up and check it out. A Supposedly free browser based virtual tabletop...I'll report more when I know more!