Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Obviously with this being Comic Con week, things are a bit different on the blog. I'm rushing to finalize preparations for the games I'm running,

I'm also going to be helping out the Steve Jackson Games MIBs in the Comic Con game room after I get off work on Friday. So I'll be writing an article on the Game Room at Comic Con, I had thought the games had all been moved out of the Convention center, but Robert told me they're still there.

I know there are PFS events at Comic Con, however with PFS events available every week at normal stores, it would take some special boons to entice me into a PFS game at ComicCon. (Though who knows, maybe there are some special race boons you can get at SDCC, I know Kingdom Con had a special boon you could earn...)

After Con I will be getting back to reviews, I will also post both of my scenarios that I'm running, including pics of my special hand-outs for the Insane 'IA, IA, Paranoia' event. It should be an event to remember...

Check out the line-up of events at the Gam3rCon, USAopoly Table-top Lounge.
My games are:

Saturday: 1:00pm            "Lockdown on Lazarus V"  TRAVELLER (MGP)

You've been released from service, you have arrived at the Space Station Lazarus V with some cash in your pocket and the clothes on your back. Now to relax...or so you thought...

Saturday: 6:00pm            "Ia, Ia, Paranoia!"     PARANOIA-Troubleshooters (MGP)

Troubleshooters report to sector HPL for an important assignment for the computer. Seems some tentacles have made it into the vats and are killing's up to you to save Alpha Complex.

Actual gameplay may vary from initial taglines.

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