Sunday, July 29, 2012

DCCRPG Play report

So last night and tonight we ran the 0-level starter adventure for DCC RPG.

We had a blast, Sarah, Ian & Sean each created a stable of 6 0-level characters. All-in-all 6 characters were lost. Sarah losing 3 characters, Ian losing 2 and Sean losing 1.

What I'm most impressed by, is the quality of the 0-level adventure. Joseph Goodman wrote the adventure and man it's probably one of the best intro adventures I've ever run. It was balanced with danger and reward, even for 0-level characters who die at 0 hp...and we had several characters with 1 or 2 hp.

The most important thing to remember when playing with 0-levels in DCCRPG, is DON'T get attached to any one character, most things do 1-6 HP and out of 18 characters they rolled up, ONE had 5 HP, a few had 4 and many had 1HP...

Now we get to convert 6 0-level characters to 1st level! Woohoo!

Looks like we have a Halfling, Wizard, Elf, Cleric, Warrior and Thief....nice mix...