Saturday, July 28, 2012

Kickstarter and the RPG world

So far, I've backed two Kickstarter projects. The first being Far West, the second last month, with Deadlands Noir. There was a kickstarter for the return of the original Traveller by Mark Miller which while I loved the concept, I didn't back because it was a $50 pledge just to get a CDRom of the product, now THAT is ridiculous. Traveller Kickstarter raised $294k... TWO HUNDRED AND NINETY FOUR THOUSAND, I guess a lot of people really want to be immortalized, as that was only for 2085 backers.

Far West included many stretch goals which were amazing...including an entire paper town.

Deadlands Noir included a PDF copy of the Deadlands Deluxe at the $20 level, this was added near the end. Pinnacle actually stated that that was a HUGE decision for them, as the PDFs are a large part of their sales these days.

I DID NOT want to back Paizo's bid for Pathfinder Online because I don't like the EVE style game they're talking about, I want PATHFINDER, not EVE Reskinned, and not DDO. So in 2 years I've backed 2 projects, I had to think hard about whether to back either project.

I personally think Kickstarter is amazing Engine which could really help get products out which never would have happened, now I wonder what kind of ramifications will happen when products fail to be produced as promised.