Thursday, July 19, 2012

Reviews - Enemies of NeoExodus - First Ones (LPJr) [PFRPG]

Enemies of NeoExodus: The First Ones


Everything Here Is a Lie. Only fools trust anything the First Ones say, do or think. You have been warned. The First Ones - the name strikes terror into the heart of the people of Exodus. They are the bogeymen, formed of living shadow, that stalk the people. They control monsters and abominations that are loose upon the world. They snatch children and lone travelers. They torture men for their own pleasure and cavort with fiends to do their dark bidding. Those are but myths. The truth is far worse. “The First Ones” is the name given to a group of humanoid creatures who ruled Exodus before the Age of Man. Today, the First Ones include five races: the Aneishi, the Exodites, the Khaynites, the Kroca and the Kobura. In days past, each race served a specific purpose, but with the rise of the Kaga and the destruction of their empire, the First Ones remain roughly united by their desire to return to power and to once again relish in luxury while others toil for their pleasure and their comfort. This supplement includes:
  • History of the First Ones
  • Using the First Ones and First One Enclaves
  • History and Races of the First Ones: Aneishi (CR 7), Exodite (CR 7), Khaynite (CR 8), Kobura Sobeka (CR 5) and Kroca Sobeka (CR 8)
  • 25 All New Feats including Arachnid Legs, Blood Drinker, Grotesque Spell, Magic Body, Masochistic Ecstasy and Touched by Evil.
  • Two New Spells: Dispel Minions and Minion Mark
  • Relations with the other Empires and Secret Organizations and Famous First Ones
  • New Weapons, New Items, New Poisons and New Magic Items
  • Eight All New Monster including the highly dangerous Scythians and the living killing machines, the Locari.
  • Two New Creature Types: First Ones and Locari subtypes
  • Initiative and Monster Cards
  • NeoExodus: A House Divided Character Sheet
  • Combat & Initiative Tracker

OK Let's begin the second review of a Louis Porter Jr. product: As supplied to me by Louis Porter Jr.

This is part of the Enemies series for LPJ's Pathfinder Compatible NeoExodus Campaign setting. This is a pdf 49 pages in length. 40 1/2 pages of actual supplement, as the final pages are taken up by LPJ advertisments, the OGL, character sheet, combat and initiative trackers (which are good, but if you've already gotten a supplement, I suspect you already have them as the other enemies I reviewed had it also.)

Half fluff with a bent on misdirection, as to trust the First Ones is folly..The other half lots of crunch. Again, the writing is actually very decent, and makes me WANT to continue reading it, making it more difficult to breeze over it for a review, and instead do a more complete review on it.

The fluff starts immediately, diving into the origins and then into strongholds of the First Ones. I particularly like Kayen'te, with its map that includes the roper forest...nice. The enclaves are all suitable for the First Ones, with them being endgame opponents. When you get to the races considered "First Ones" you find out they all disagree on the history and myths, which makes the mystery deepen.

 Within a couple pages you're getting a little crunchy morsel with the Aneishi, a massive humanoid arachnid type beast, clocking in at CR7. They are vicious and very inhuman as an arachnid race should be. Fun for any campaign to throw the players off, and a nasty shock troop for the First Ones. Next up is the Exodite, you can see one of these creatures gracing the cover of the book (Nope, not a dark elf). The race is the epitome of Lawful Evil, and I love them for that. (Though those that stray from the discipline can be the epitome of chaos allowing their inner rage to seethe.) Crunchwise, the Exodites are presented like a player race, with their built-in shadow jump racial ability. One of the pre-gens in the FreeRPGDay adventure was an exodie. Next up, Khaynites...these guys are CREEPY

Check back over the week as I expand the review.

Also note that LPJ now has the NeoExodus Starter Bundle on sale currently for $10.99