Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Gary Gygax

Happy Gary Gygax day!!! KEEP ON ROLL'N!

I've told the story on here before, I was twelve in 6th grade, GATE student, when I was first introduced to AD&D...the rest is history, now I've been gaming for 60% of my life. While I wasn't hard-core gaming during a few years of my teen life was when I started to get in trouble, sneaking around town as a skater, being a slacker, etc. I had tried to get my step-dad into playing with me, but he in his imminent bi-polar way, needed to prove he was better than me, so he read the book, then told me if I could answer his question, he'd play with me, he pulled an obscure rule from the DMG about wearing a helm, which at 12 or 13, we didn't' really bother with. So, I didn't answer his question correctly so he refused to play..That sucked a lot. So instead of gaming with family as I entered my teen years, I fell into the skater crowd of highy intelligent people who were pissed off at the world instead. Had my step-dad taken me to game cons, and done weekend games with me, I wouldn't have gone that way. Gaming keeps kids out of trouble in the years they need it most. Game with your kids, support their gaming habits.

Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson created a wonderful game that has spawned an entire industry. 

Thank you Gary...your legacy lives on, in the hundreds of RPGs inspired by your work. My kids know your name, and play RPGs, we play together, thanks to you.