Sunday, February 12, 2012

Over 6000!

Another thousand hits in the last 2 months, Hopefully as this is the anniversary week we can push it to twice that many for next year, I hope by February 2013 to be reporting 20k hits!

I still have lots to do, but this last couple weeks has had me down with a nasty cold...I am doing a review of Interface Zero's Boston supplement currently.

The boys bought the Battletech Introductory set with their grades reward for the first semester, and I picked up the new Lord of the Rings Heroclix, so I'll have some more stuff to report on soon.

I have the At Ease Games Store spotlight to upload, and I still haven't work out the video situation, but I hope to iron that out over the next month or so.

Oh, I also got Hirst Molds for my Birthday!! So I'll be able to report on how easy or difficult they are to use as well.