Thursday, February 23, 2012

News - Earthdawn and RedBrick

So I've been wondering what's been going on with Earthdawn over the last few months, now I know...

State of the Brick

Some interesting stuff in there, including Earthdawn for Pathfinder and Earthdawn of Savage Worlds. There's a LOT of information about the changes, read the entire post if you're interested...

Hank Woon (Lost Dynasty, Cathay, Dark Shadows, and Immortal Twilight) is the Line Developer for the Earthdawn Savage Worlds and Pathfinder game lines. These are being developed and released independently of Earthdawn Third Edition and are intended for players of the Savage Worlds and Pathfinder game systems who have not had the pleasure of gaming in the world of Earthdawn. Both editions are based on Earthdawn First Edition.

Hank’s team is also working on producing Adventure modules to support the Savage Worlds and Pathfinder editions. Access to the core Savage Worlds and Pathfinder rulebooks is a prerequisite, but there’s a lot of products coming out for these lines. At time of writing, the schedule for 2012/early-2013 looks like this (for each game system):

2012/Q2: Player’s and GM’s Guides, Parlainth Setting Guide
2012/Q3: Denizens of Barsaive I, Parlainth Adventure #1 and #2, Creatures of Barsaive I
2012/Q4: Adventure Compendium I and II, Parlainth Adventures #3, Horrors I
2013/Q1: Parlainth Adventure #4 and #5, Player’s Companion
2013/Q2: Parlainth Adventure #6, Skypoint & Vivane Setting Guide

Earthdawn and Mongoose...

Let’s make things official: RedBrick has ended its relationship with Mongoose Publishing. We have enjoyed working with Matthew and the Mongoose team over the last three years—they have been incredibly supportive of RedBrick and Earthdawn during the difficult years of 2009 through 2011 and we owe them a lot. Our contract period with Flaming Cobra expires around the end of June, so you won’t be seeing any new Earthdawn books or reprints until after then. The ED3 sale is still underway and the prices are excellent—ebook prices are still lower than usual—so there has never been a better time to get hold of Earthdawn Third Edition books (and there won’t be again!). 

No new books until after Q3 of this coming year for Earthdawn....(Though this doesn't include the SW/Pathfinder line as those weren't in the contract.)

Get your Earthdawn 3rd edition books now, or wait for the Revised ED3 in it's new smaller format (similar to Savage worlds.)
Fading Suns
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